Irking Me to No End

Irking Me to No End

OMG!! That woman in my class!!! She’s driving me up the wall. Yes, the cell phone lady. Today? Jesus Christ. Sleeping in class! Like not even involuntary dozing off kind of sleeping. Ah uh. No. Blatant, disrespectful, arms-crossed-on-the-desk, head-down sleeping! Can you fucking believe this shit? Seriously, where are people like her from? I mean, I was butt tired today. In the last week, Shanghai has had torrential rains and then clear skies and sunshine. Both times it rained, I miscalculated and left the house without rain gear. Long story short, I was sick last night. Watery eyes, headache, stuffy nose. I went through two boxes of tissues. And because I had that stupid quiz this morning, I was up too damn late. Point is, I was dog-ass tired. But did I sit in front of the teacher, cross my arms, and then proceed to sleep in his class? No! Why? Because if I really wanted to sleep, I would frickin’ GO HOME! What a stupid fuck. I hate her.

Btw, since I told her to take her phone conversation (during our midterm exam) outside, she has never spoken to me again. Goddamn idiot. I hope she falls off her bike and gets sloshed in a mud puddle. (I know, I could wish her a slow and painful death, but I’m not that much of a beotch). Ugh. Definitely can’t stand her though.

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