I’m a Nerdass

I’m a Nerdass

I had my reading midterm first thing this morning. My weekend was full-on intense studying (er emm, cramming), and I was prepared for the worst. But today was my lucky day. Yup, I scored a 100! Awwwww yeah! Haha, a silly lil’ exam is enough to boost my ego. Oh yeah, I’m da bomb!

So one more exam to go: oral is tomorrow. Gotta cram, but not too worried about it. The worst is over anyway.

Of course I must share: everything didn’t go off without a hitch. Remember that annoying mobile phone lady I mentioned before? Well, for fuck’s sakes, can you believe that after she finished the exam early (with 15 minutes left), she proceeded to make a phone call INSIDE the classroom? I know, I shouldn’t even be surprised, but Jesus Christ, have a little consideration, you know? There were like five other people still testing. Do you think anyone wants to hear any part of your bullshit conversation? I was so annoyed. I looked around to see if other people cared. I couldn’t really tell, but I was irked beyond belief. And even the teacher didn’t say anything. Fuck it, man. Take that shit outside. Ok, so I wasn’t rude (although I should have been), but still. Goddamn moron.

I swear, the world today. Surrounded by a bunch of dumbfucks. Sometimes I really wonder how so much bad, senseless shit happens, and now, having met someone like this, I see just how many inconsiderate, self-absorbed people there are. I know, it’s just a stupid exam, but that’s precisely my point. If she can’t even have decency for something little like this, who the hell knows what other sorts of asinine behavior she’s capable of. No frickin’ wonder the world is going to hell, you know? ANYway, at least I don’t have to deal with her for two and a half weeks. Hallelujah. And did I tell you? Her boyfriend finally dropped to a class more his speed. Thank goodness, otherwise we’d all have to put up with these two irritating cuddle bunnies in class. Yeah seriously, gag me (with a spoon)!

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