Free at Last!

Free at Last!

Well, I turned in my office keys and everything. Super duper done. Yay. Sigh. The life of leisure begins now, and fuck, my house is hotter than hell. I need a pool, but I’m po’ without a job. 😛

I am wiped. Damn, I cranked out an insane amount of work this final week. I was still having project meetings up until this morning even. But yeah, all done. Btw, did I tell you that the GM never said anything to me? I gave notice over his vacation, he got back, walked down my aisle and talked with everyone and then walked away without saying a damn thing to me. John had called it, but shit, I was floored by the utter lack of class and professionalism. I went by his office today after the lunch, but he’d already left. Nice.

Yesterday was an emotional day. In the afternoon, I had my exit interview, and we actually talked for 90 minutes. I said everything. I didn’t intend to reveal so much, but something happened as the conversation progressed, and I just felt it was right to be completely honest. She’s going to share my comments with the GM, obviously. And I’m ok with that. If it brings about even a small change that makes things better for my friends who are still there, I’m good with it. Seriously. I wasn’t all dramatic and senseless: I brought some real shit to the table– way beyond the manager incident from last September. What the GM does with the info who knows (possibly nothing), but I said my peace. Sometimes bridges are just meant to be burned.

And don’t you worry, my friends. My good-bye email wasn’t the usual canned bullshit. I was tactful but still honest. Messaging is everything (I really should get back into advocacy work), and I don’t want other people fucking fabricating or speculating on my reasons for leaving. I overheard that the communications training consultant was dismissing my departure as me not getting over the debacle regarding my previous manager. Uh, that’s like 1/20 of the whole list of reasons. Pisses me off. I’m actually going to call him next week to get that shit straight. Don’t be speaking for me when you don’t even know me.

Tomorrow my new life begins. Cheers!

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