Seeing the Light!

Seeing the Light!

Holy crap, things here have been uber cray. Apparently, my resignation over a week ago touched off quite the firestorm. Hehe. Lots of scrambling and lots of questions. Damn people, you really have NOT been paying attention. It’s like, you ask me why, I tell you why (and then some), and still you remain incredulous enough that you have to get confirmation from my buddy T?? Ridic. I swear, some people are so dense.

On one hand, it’s been kind of amusing witnessing the turmoil. On the other hand, I have to say, I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by how supportive and understanding everyone’s been. Anyway, it does seem like several staff are disgruntled enough that they are either giving ultimatums or jockeying to make a move very soon, or so I hear… shit, this place just doesn’t know how to keep its people!!

That said, the manager is moving as fast as she can… she and i did some quickie interviews last week, and a contractor web admin started this morning. I think the new lady will be good. Plus, I already have a shitload of tasks documented, so the transition should go fine. Some stuff she’ll just have to figure out– part of learning on the job.

So i still have two weeks left, but I’ve already started cleaning out my cubicle. Goddamn, I have accumulated a shitload of crap!! Our big department event is this Saturday. Yup, even an entire year later, this shit is digging up some really deep-rooted issues with the old timers. Thankfully, this is my last one ever. No more rah rah indoctrination bullshit after that. Interestingly, I sat in on a bunch of meetings last week: vision plan, budget crap, intranet… other great reasons for why I’m leaving.

In other news, my parents have been calling more often… dad suggested law school, b school, or a comp sci masters program…. again (for like the millionth time, actually). Yesterday, he called and asked if maybe I wanted to do real estate. Then my mom piped up that I should just try to get promoted and stay on at my job. Uh, I put in my letter of resignation. My last day is August 30. I swear, they just never get it!

In other news, I signed up for acting class!! Hehe. a four week class starting September. Yup, the bucket list is getting real. I figure I’ll need something to fill the void of no drama once I leave the office. I’m stoked.

Also, I’m hoping to lease a horse in September. Try and get in some saddle time. Maybe this life of leisure will be awesome after all! I also just signed up for a social psych class on coursera, a free online college courses website. I’m trying this one out before I do the marketing one in October. Gotta love free education, baby!

Last weekend, M, John, and I hit the SJ Improv. It’s been too damn long. We saw Bill Bellamy– yup, homeboy is now 48 y/o. Can you fucking believe? The show was hilarious. He does a killer Denzel impression. I need to be hitting that joint more often. I’m so grateful for people who make me laugh.

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