Forward Motion

Forward Motion

You’ll be surprised to know that John and I actually spent Saturday in the company of kids. Eeek!! Yup, we met up with my new BFF C– the guy who works for the personality testing company. A few months ago, when I took him out for coffee (and an info interview), we hit it off so well that he suggested doing a family get together!

So we congregated at CalAcademy. Turns out his wife is Chinese and from Hong Kong– one of my favorite cities– and their two boys, aged 3 and 5 y/o, are really well behaved. Maybe they were drugged??? Just kidding, but wow, those two make parenting look so damn easy… which is the total opposite of the horror stories I’ve heard from some other friends. Haha. Oh well, doesn’t matter: I STILL can’t be sold on parenthood. Too much freakin’ responsibility!! But we had a great time checking out the museum penguins and jellyfish and just hanging out.

I started a new class on Monday: Leaning in vs Leaning Back. The lady is an ex-corporate lawyer, and I’m digging her a lot. The class itself is sorta half book club, half career coaching. There was a lot of talk about aligning values with work. And about having dreams for the life that we want. Our homework this week is to ask ourselves what kind of person we would need to be to live the dream we have for ourselves. Kinda strange, but then again, I’m all about believing in the process. My only complication is: on one hand, I dream about living in the big city and being some ridiculous corpo power player (a la Sheryl Sandberg). On the other hand, I dream about being a writer/pro blogger, living on a ranch in the mountains while also traveling the world. The visions are somewhat dichotomous, you know? So then, is one dream truer or more authentic than the other? I dunno. More things to think about. I’ll have to consult the experts. 🙂

I do enjoy taking these classes. As a chronic over-thinker and over-analyzer, they’re kinda up my alley. I can’t be stopped. Shrug. So even though most of the other participants are older (usually white) women, I still find something meaningful about sharing our experiences. It’s way better than therapy: at least everyone comes to the table motivated.

In work news, someone put in her notice, but she asked HR not to send a company-wide email. What is that all about? I mean, at this point, most people still don’t know, and come Tuesday, she’ll just be gone. I don’t get that strategy at all. Lame.

I’m also already jonesing for another trip. I imagine Tahoe is beautiful this time of year, but that shit is way too far for my blood. I’d rather drive south to SLO. Hmm, maybe I’ll aim for Sonoma again. I’d love to spend another full day at the Fairmont Mission Inn and Spa. That place rocks.

Btw, did you watch that Megladon show earlier this week on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week? Those fuckers really pissed. me. off. I was totally sucked in to the “documentary”, and then two hours later, turns out, it was ALL fake!!! Whaaaaaa??? I was PISSED!!! Never again, Discovery Channel. You have deceived me for the last time. Ugh. Two hours. Wasted. In retrospect, I probably should have known better.

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