Back in Action

Back in Action

Hubs and I returned from ORD Sunday night: Chitown was an awesome (albeit packed) getaway. The BlogHer conference was super inspiring and Book of Mormon on Thursday night was freaking killer. The Bank of America theater was really small and cozy, so our orchestra seats were kickass. What a genius production. We also saw Million Dollar Quartet on Saturday night– pretty rockin’. I so love the theater.

So the craziest thing happened at the conference. This annual BlogHer event draws like 4,000 women attendees, and somehow I ran into an old friend from my days at Fucking insane, right? An act of fate, really– and we had such an amazing time catching up. Who would have guessed that we last saw each other in 2003!!! I love when random shit like that happens…

Back at the ranch, I got that Lubi daybed from CB2— the one I saw at the store a couple weeks ago. My office/guest room is coming together, with the help of my friend T and her eye for design… just in time for my parents’ visit in early September. Yup, they’re coming for five days. An eternity. I talked with them yesterday morning first thing after I woke up. And it was a bad way to start my day. My mother stresses me out to no end. She just never gets me. I mean, generally speaking, my parents are the kind who just want me to be the good little quiet and obedient Chinese girl who puts her head down and does her work. Don’t speak up, and don’t cause any trouble. Can you see why we clash so damn much?

Anyway… another thing the conference did for me: Sheryl Sandberg. Shit, she is the bomb, and so unapologetically feminist. Goddamn, someone who finally fucking groks it!! Something she said so resonated with me. It was basically: I’m not bossy: I have executive leadership skills. Damn straight, assholes! Back it up!! I know, I have mad crushes on the female power playas.

In other news, we got tickets to Funny or Die Oddball Fest at Shoreline in September. Dave Chappelle, Flight of the Conchords… it’s going to be good.

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