Gettin’ Busy Living… In Cowgirl Country!

Gettin’ Busy Living… In Cowgirl Country!

John and I have been in Wyoming this past week. We head home today. But wow, what a wondrous, magical destination this is. I don’t believe in God, but shiit, if I did, this place would definitely qualify as “God’s Country.” You must add it to your list. Completely mind blowing.

That said, the place could use a few more Asians. At the rodeo, people looked at me like they’d never seen an Asian cowgirl (or at least an Asian wearing a western hat and boots?). Yup, look long and hard y’all, because I’m the real deal!! Haha!

We’ve had an awesome time… we kayaked, hiked, chased after wildlife (we sighted TWO bears, bison, elk, moose, marmots, bald eagles, antelope, etc.), binged ourselves silly… I took an Intro to Rodeo class on Wednesday before we hit the Jackson Hole Rodeo. Shit, I have uncovered my calling with barrel racing and roping. My horse Chocolate was an uber speed demon. I felt like I was launching off a rocket every time he rounded a barrel!! Too insanely fun! I am going to be harassing our cowboy (grazing expert) at work to no end after I get back…

What else. On Saturday, we went mountain biking for the first time ever. Teton Village has a new Mountain Bike Park (genius: the mountains are used for skiing in winter, then mountain biking in summer), so we got all decked out in the getup. Fuck, I felt like an invincible superhero. We took the ski lift up and then it was just crazy downhill coasting. We just did the beginner trails, but even those were pretty challenging. We were flyin’ down the trails: it was simultaneously scary and thrilling. Hubster was really getting into it, zipping through and skidding around all the turns. Guess we’re adventure seekers after all. I’m going miss this place!

In other news, a former coworker is a FB friend, and she recently posted a pic of her 6 y/o daughter wearing a t-shirt that read, “Hooters Girl in the Making.” And the accompanying post said, “Yes, I am THAT mom.” Annoying. I’m going to have to unfriend her ass.

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