New Orleans Jazzfest

New Orleans Jazzfest

Apparently AXS tv televised this annual music festival for the first time. I watched some of the performers on Sunday, but they didn’t inspire me to go next year… or ever. It’s not really my kind of music. I did pause the housecleaning to catch some M5 eye candy, but surprisingly, I’m losing interest in my tattooed heartthrob! I know, are you incredulous? My friend M texted me that he was looking fine, sounding great, and that I must’ve been in heaven, but eh, I think I’ve moved on already (to Brandon Flowers). I mean, don’t get me wrong: AL will still do in a pinch, but the attraction is definitely waning. The Killers’ music is just so much better than that fluff M5 crap. Plus, since I’m kinda a prude, I think maybe my ideals align better with Brandon the Mormon than with Adam the playboy.

Am I over thinking this??? Hehe. Don’t worry: I still have my feet firmly planted. Hubster is still my No.1. After all, we didn’t make it to ten years of marriage on a fucking whim.

I was feeling more distracted than usual today. I took Remy to the ER very late Sunday night. She’s having an episode: puke, no appetite, general disorientation, super stiff back legs. Seemed better today. My poor baby. Otherwise, I was stuck in a bunch of shit meetings at work. FML.

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