Monk Power

Monk Power

A few weeks ago in mental skills training class, the prof was telling us about this elite group of Tibetan monks. Apparently, they had practiced autogenics (some subset of meditation) for like 15 years, and it gave them so much power over their bodies that they could essentially heat parts of their bodies through mind power. Every year, they would go on some pilgrimage to the mountains wearing their usual robe attire and sandals in the snow. Then, at night they would sleep in the cold. All of them would be fine, because they could heat their bodies on demand. So of course, I became totally convinced by this story.

For a week, I diligently listened to the autogenics track from the course materials. No on demand heating… On week two, the track started…. “Relax your right foot. Feel the heat starting at the bottom of your foot…” Holy shit, I felt the warmth!!

OMFG! Immediately, my brain started trash-talking the monks: “What the heck, man. 15 years to do this? I got it down in ONE WEEK!” As I started celebrating my victory, I realized that other parts of my body were also heating up, but the track hadn’t yet progressed to those areas.

Fuck. My heated mattress topper. GODDAMMIT.

I was a full blown believer too. What a buzzkill.