Good Times

Good Times

Bubs and I had taken a short break from the human hot pot (We now spend our evenings clocking in steps with Fitbit!), and we only climbed back in last weekend. So luxurious. Why did I ever stop? I am reinstating the daily soak from now on… I’m all about on-demand insta-hot. I know, a bit princessy, but for some things, that’s just the way I roll. I’ll own up to it!

Last weekend was really good. I got lots of sleep. Bub’s bday was fun! We caught Strangers on a Train at the Stanford Theater. I’d never watched a Hitchcock film before: the bad guy was so creepy deepy! And he was this strange hybrid of Bill Murray and Jude Law, right?

Hubs and I are headed back east this weekend to visit the fam. I sure hope we don’t run into Storm Saturn. Fucking winter. Flying out Friday morning and back Monday before dawn just in time for work. I told you he’s a workaholic! I’m bracing myself for another shitload of assignments/tasks from the parentals, including yet another draft of the same real estate contract I first started reviewing in Taiwan last November… Negotiations are dragging this process out, man.

On the bright side, I got a new phone case that makes me smile every. single. time. These days, it’s practically my only salvation from all the drama at work. Sure, it doubles the size of my phone but hell, it’s so frickin cute! Also, M5 is next Wednesday! Shiiit, I’m taking the whole afternoon off to pick up my gal from SFO and then go home and primp for Adam. Kidding!

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