Year of the Snake

Year of the Snake
Happy Year of the Snake! I got this drawing in my inbox today from one of my fav SF artists. Too cute.

My weekend was really busy… that’s why I’m still in bed past 1p on my day off! Haha. I decided it was more important to pay my “sleep debt,” as the professor calls it. Sleep is pretty damn awesome when I can get it.

We caught a really good standup show on Friday night back in our old stomping ground (i.e. The SJ Improv). Cristela Alonzo is the gal to watch. She’s taping some Comedy Central special next week even. Funny with some social commentary and without being totally crass, you know?

The collegiate a capella quaterfinals competition at UC Berkeley on Saturday was pretty good too. Not quite the caliber I recall from my days at Duke, but still worth seeing. I felt kinda old though: I didn’t know but two or three of the songs. 🙁

I had an awesome riding lesson yesterday… the session was very redeeming. You see, there’s this one horse, Chip, who’s been especially ornery with me. The first time I rode him, he refused to walk straight and when I tried to direct him, he rammed my knee into the fucking fence. It got all bruised and swollen and shit. The second time, he nearly threw me off. But this time, I got him under my thumb. Hehe. It was a good lesson… I applied all my tricks from our mental skills training class too– practicing mindfulness and visualizing a successful ride, etc. I’m making progress again, finally. Naturally, now I’m itching to go on another riding vacation– this time up in MT or WY or something. Problem is finding a buddy who wants to sit in a saddle for days on end.

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