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Snow Weekend

Snow Weekend

We got back from Tahoe yesterday afternoon. Solid weekend. We went snowshoeing for hours on Saturday!! The woods and water were pretty darn beautiful. And there’s nothing like that crisp, cold mountain air. But shit, our friends Jx2 are ultra marathon, triathlon, century cycling, Tough Mutter kind of people, so towards the end, I felt like I was on a death march. At least I clocked in 13k steps on FitBit that day. 😉

Btw, now that hubs and I have our own hot tub, other ones out there are pretty frickin’ gross. I mean, it didn’t stop me from enjoying the 250 gallons of piping hot water at the house we rented, but seriously, I had to look away, because I’m pretty sure I was soaking in a big vat of body juice. It was cloudy, frothy, and just plain nasty. Cringe. I know, living in the Silicon Valley bubble is making me soft!!

I Wanna be a Stunt Rider!

I Wanna be a Stunt Rider!
From Chaparral Ranch

What’s new? John has the flu. He came down this weekend, so I missed the U2 cover band (Zoo Station) at Slim’s on Saturday night. Bummer. And then the Redskins lost. So he’s sad. I still don’t get how people can condone the gladiator-style sport of football. And what is up with the different stories between the Redskins coach and the doctor? Sketchy.

I went trail riding Saturday. My horse Salem was jacked up! He galloped so damn fast, I felt like I was a stunt rider! At one point, my instructor and I were going head-to-head, and then Salem’s competitive juices really kicked in. We were racing down the trail like jockeys in the Derby! Mud chunks were flying everywhere, and I had to duck to avoid decapitation from tree branches! I’ve never ridden that fast for that long. It was a little scary, but oh so exhilarating. Shit, I’m hooked. Need to get my own horse so I can ride FAST all the time. I want a Speed Racer horse.

Feast or Famine (aka Binge and Purge)

Feast or Famine (aka Binge and Purge)

Oh man, my WWF obsession is getting slightly out of control. I just really like to win. Like at all costs. But whatever, I’m not going to apologize. Why? Because that’s how I roll: I’m all about binging and purging (but NOT in the eating disorder context). I’m just a dabbler at heart: I get into new stuff, go on a bender, lose interest, find something else that’s shiny/pretty, repeat. To be candid, it’s surprising that I’m still living in the Bay Area, still riding, still playing ukulele (which I started in August), still staying friends with you guys… haha, ouch!!

Speaking of losing interest, I finally came clean and admitted to myself yesterday that the Maroon5 Overexposed album sucks. I mean, maybe 3 of 12 songs on there are ok, (i.e. mediocre at best) but the earlier album is definitely much better. And now I have to listen to this crap at the concert in March? Will the Adam Levine eye candy be enough? Eh, not so sure anymore. It’s a new year: I’m going to have new tolerances, know what I mean?

What a Difference a Few Days Make

What a Difference a Few Days Make

I’m pleased to report that Buzzkill Betty has taken a break. Happy new year indeed! The sun actually came out this week, and I am feeling a gabillion times better. I know, seasonal mood disorder, anyone? Whatever, I’m just glad to be zooming around again.

So Christmas weekend went well though I guess I had neglected to mention it previously. We basically stayed in town (the sore throat kinda lingered), but we got lots of rest. Our good friends J&J came over, we hung out, went for a hike. I went riding at the ranch, went to a hot yoga class. Just low key, if somewhat “boring” (on Christmas Day) according to Bubbey. Yeah, it was just the two of us. I dunno: the holidays are always a little weird– either two chaotic or too sedate. Maybe it has to do with cultural expectations.

Anyway, New Year’s was similar but I was just feeling loads better. J&J came over again: we walked the pups, played board games, watched tv, hung out, cooked. Always a good time with dear friends.

So for the next year, I’m hoping to focus on a few things:

– I want to bring Spanish studying back into my life. Hopefully one lesson a week.
– I want to continue playing uke. Twice a week.
– I’m getting into this FitBit thing, which just means I hope to move around daily, like enough to sweat three times a week. 🙂 Last night, it was about 15 minutes til midnight (when the FitBit restarts), and I was under my daily goal of 8,000 steps. So what did I do? I proceeded to run in place right next to the bed. As if I was doing training drills– you know, kicking the knees all high and shit. I was breathing all heavy. John was making fun of me, but I don’t fucking care. 15 minutes later, I was well beyond my goal. Muuuhhaha. And today, while I was watching a Giuliana and Bill marathon (LOVE them!), I was exercising. That’s right baby, two birds, one stone. I am back in action!
– I want to work on professional development– build new skills, try new environments.
– I want to become a better cowgirl. Last Sunday, I rode a new horse, and well, it was a true test. My riding skillz are still lacking, because this horse just would not listen; in fact, he rammed my knee into the fucking fence. Oh no you didn’t, Chip!!
– I want to work on personal development– more classes, more positive thinking, more mindfulness, more awareness, more calm.
– I want to continue traveling and spending time with people I love.

It’s a lot but I have another year to do it, so slow and easy, right?