Christmas Lowdown

Christmas Lowdown

Whadya know, I got frickin’ sick (again) just before the holiday!! Just a sore throat kinda thing but dang, it dragged me down through the holidays. I just wasn’t my usual jolly, exuberant self. Guess I did kinda get over-confident: After I felt a tad bit better on Sunday, I went horseback riding in the insane wind/rain/cold. Then, I really got slammed.

Still, wth happened to “my body is a temple”? Fucking bullshit.

So among other things, Santa got me a Fitbit (so I can start moving my lazy ass) and Scrabble!!! Shiiiit, my newfound WWF (Words with Friends) drama, which I started while ready to stab my eyes out in Taiwan, just does NOT end!! For realz, that crack is consuming my life!!

Other activities from the holidays: we sang more karaoke, hiked the Stanford Dish, cooked, stuffed our faces, did some home improvement, and watched way too much Entourage… Ugh, it rained crazy for DAYS!! Thank goodness we stayed in town and didn’t have to put up with flight cancellations and delays. That would have really sucked.

I’m grateful that the sun finally out today. I’m practically getting rickets from this Vitamin D deficiency.
Yup, I headed back to work the day after Christmas. You know the deal: ILAWB (Industrious like a worker bee).

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