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A Good Weekend

A Good Weekend

Good weekends– they have felt rather few and far between, so I suppose the good ones are worth writing about. Truth be told, I’ve started 3 or 4 draft posts in the last several months, and none of them got to the “publish” mode. Why? Perhaps I’m starting to self-censor? Ugh, I hate the thought of that. But I admit, those four drafts were started in anger. Really, I was so pissed and annoyed when I sat down to write those. I was feeling a host of emotions with each one– but all of my feelings were negative and bitter. For one reason or another, I decided to let my words simmer. And the result is that I don’t want to revisit those drafts today.

Today, I want to talk about my good weekend. John and I pretty much just kept to ourselves for 2.5 days but it was kinda nice. Friday night we went to the movies and my god, the theater was mobbed. Damn Hunger Games. Nope, we went to see Friends with Kids. I thoroughly enjoyed the storytelling… well all the way up until the end. The ending felt a bit sudden but other than that, great movie. We were one of maybe 3 couples in the whole theater. Everyone else was there for Hunger Games. I know, we’re fucking behind the times. We got waffle fries and popcorn and basically got ourselves sick off theater food. That shit is so gross, but hey, there’s always a time and a place for everything, right?

Saturday was errand day. I know, nothing exciting but we’ve been procrastinating for AGES on a Costco run and Saturday we just bit the bullet and went in like warriors. We also FINALLY redeemed our Costco Amex bucks. God, what a f-ing pain they make that whole procedure. Regardless, stocked up and now we’re ready for our visitors Monday and Tuesday. Saturday night we watched a foreign film on Netflix. It was so different and amusing from the usual Hollywood bullshit. Well done.

Sunday, John got up hours before I did and I awoke to breakfast in bed. Fucking awesome. One of those “I Love My Life” moments, you know? At noon, I headed to the ranch, which was wet and muddy. Our riding group went on the paved road and trails at the adjacent park. I’m finally getting ahold of this “collected” riding idea. What a huge difference a “collected” horse makes. Smooth riding today! Now we can begin the cattle drive countdown!

This afternoon Bubs and I got the house ready for our visitors. J and K are coming on Monday. It’s been 6 years since we’ve seen J and maybe 4-5 since we’ve seen K. We’re thrilled to have them over. Hope their first time to the SF Bay area impresses!