Almost 2:30 a.m., and I am in the foulest mood. Thanks to a flaker, shit fell through at work (first day I’m away) and I had to backfill using the slow-ass VPN.

Then earlier tonight, my brother asked me to accompany him to his Buddhist meditation class. I was open to checking out this “amazingness,” so fine. Well, after the 2-hr lecture, I got fucking thrown into a conference room and triple teamed to get converted. I am NOT kidding.

“Don’t you believe my story of reformation?”
“Don’t you believe that Buddha purged all my bad karma and protected me from attacks by ghosts who used to haunt me?”
“Don’t you trust that your brother knows what’s good for you?”

Meanwhile, I had just arrived yesterday, got 4 hrs of sleep, spent all day out with dad, and now I had to defend myself in Chinese, using religious terms I’d just heard for the first time ever during the lecture!

OMFG, I was livid!!  And afterwards, when I told him I felt bullied, he had the nerve to say that the people weren’t pushy at all. He insisted they were sincere when they said they cared bc I’m a fellow human being. Seriously, this has got to be secret footage for a bloopers show, right?

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