New Cut, New Life… Not!

New Cut, New Life… Not!

So the guys’ feedback on my haircut??

“Yeah, your hair looks nice, but what’s different?” Uh, only a gabillion layers plus bangs. Hello??

“Your hair looks straight and permed.” Um, straight and permed are opposites, sweetheart. nice try. 🙂

“I thought this was supposed to be drastic? What was done?” Hey, i gave the stylist free reign… not my problem she decided to keep the length. I was banking on getting a whole new life out of this too, you know!

Oh well, at least I like the cut. We’ll see if I can style it tomorrow.

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  1. Pics pls! 😀 I'm sure it looks fab! Btw, if u have layers, may I introduce you to a super cool styling iron. It's foolproof and super awesome for long layers (something I clearly dont have). grab sections and flick sections of hair with it. All the lovely layers will show. Easier than styling it with a blow dryer. Can't wait to see some pics of it!

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