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Coming Along Nicely

Coming Along Nicely

Well hello there! Whassup, whassup? I’m off today, and let me tell you, I’m gonna just take it the fuck easy. Last night, I had my heating blanket cranked up and damn, I slept so soundly and woke up totally relaxed.

Of course that doesn’t stop me from setting an agenda for the day… What’s on tap? Putzing around: I did some cleaning, took the dogs to the park, posted some crap on Craigslist, started my beautification program… You see, my friends Jess and Joe are getting married this Saturday, so this week the beautification program begins. Yup, at the wedding I’ll be in the company of lots of SF city slickers, so I gotta bring my A game. Nah, actually I got a nice dress for the occasion and well, beautification is required because it’s showing a bit of skin. So yup: pedicure, exfoliation, mud mask, eyebrows, hair conditioning… the works.

Of course, just my luck, I fucked up on my BCPs and I’m also fresh out of supply, so knowing me, I’ll be a hormonal, pimply, bleeding fucking mess for the wedding. Yay. Need to get that damn hysterectomy already. Seriously. Done with that bullshit.

In other news, the house is really coming along and daresay, I’m happy about it! The Ikea kitchen is super fab, although John admits he misses having spices in upper cabinets (only base cabinets around the stove). I am still loving my Craiglist Chinese cabinet: it’s awesome, especially for hiding all our junk.

In preparation for my parents’ arrival, I recently acquired a kickass futon off Craigslist (now John and I won’t have to sleep on the floor while the ‘rents take our bedroom). The futon comes with an interesting story actually. I went to check out this monster piece (turns out I only buy furniture that’s a minimum of 7’ long…), and as I plugged in the address, I realized the guy lived in a trailer park. I know, it’s totally elitist, but I immediately started thinking Sandra Cantu. As I drove around searching for his unit, my mind went nuts thinking up escape scenarios and shit. It was awful. And then I got so pissed at myself for thinking these awful things just because I was in a trailer park (although frankly, I guess I think of escape scenarios for lots of my Craigslist meetups). Anyway, I’m sure the couple thought I was a freak, because I hesitated going in to the guest bedroom to see it and I didn’t even sit on it to try it out. I’m telling you, I was nervous as hell. Thankfully, the transaction went smoothly, and it is a damn nice futon– not the usual college kid kind that’s low to the ground. Yeah, with all this Craigslisting, I think I need to get myself a truck. 🙂