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New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Nope, house construction still ain’t done. Sure, a new beginning with house stuff would be the best news ever, but nope, it’s just not happening. Whatever. Instead, this new beginning is all about the gas leak that was detected at our house nine days ago. You see, ever since John and I moved here in mid-June, we’d been crazy tired. Like abnormally tired. I had blogged about this many times, but we chalked it up with house madness and shingles (brought on by house madness). Well, last last week I went back to the doctor. Like come on, I’m 34 NOT 84… I should have more energy than this. Got bloodwork done– all came back normal. Then, because we had been noticing occasional whiffs of gas, I finally got PGE out to inspect, and holy shit, the guy detected/repaired a small leak in our gas furnace. It was one of those things… like, I thought I had smelled something but everything was powered off, and you know my fucking nose– who can trust a nose that screws up my sense of taste so badly that I can’t even tell that I’m drinking sour milk?? Long story short, the guy came out, fixed the leak, and now I have returned to near normalcy. John and I both, actually. It had been SO damn long since I have been this functional that I had nearly forgotten what “normalcy” was even like. I’ve gained a whole new lease on life, I’m telling you.

And another cool thing– both John and I stepped on the scale recently and noticed that we dropped a few extra pounds. We’d been complaining about the few extra stubborn pounds, and then suddenly, after a few weeks of not weighing in, bam, the pounds came off! Of course, this loss is very possibly attributed to almost 2 months of sleep deprivation, gas exposure, and chronic fatigue. Or maybe it’s my granola bar lunch diet? I don’t know, but thank goodness. Something positive from the last several weeks.

Lots of other things going on… house construction is coming close to the end. Hopefully mid-August completion. Fingers crossed. I tested out the master shower today. Very nice. Now we’re just waiting on the glass sliding doors, which I purchased online. I love online shopping. God, it’s so much better than going to the store and dealing with bullshit incompetence. Sure, colors/sizes are kind of a guessing game, but with return policies, who the fuck cares. After some practice, I’m sizing shit up pretty well. I hardly ever have to return stuff anymore.

I’m still dying for a vacation, but I think that’s going to be a while. John’s work is on some weird deliverable schedule, and I’m sure once all the house construction is done, I’ll want to just fart around at home anyway. That said, the calendar is starting to get exciting again. A couple of plays, a wedding, AND I just purchased a 4-hr horseback riding dealio around Mt. Diablo State Park. I sent out to several friends to join, but only my buddy Dave came through. That dude is always up for anything. I swear, if I ever get that arm sleeve tattoo, I bet he’ll be a shoe-in to join.

Ok, running out of juice. It’s been a long weekend. John and I went hot tub researching/shopping on Saturday, then tonight my friends taught me out to play Texas Hold-em. Can you believe, I won the last game where everyone put all their chips into the pot?? Sure, it was fake money, but damn, it was fun to win. 🙂 I should have captured that shit on camera. That frickin’ game is so complicated. Who can remember the hierarchy of hands?? I need to go back to Majiang. Surely it’s simpler than poker.