I’m a New Parent!

I’m a New Parent!

Never say never, right? John and I said we didn’t believe in the institution of marriage; six and a half years in, we tied the knot. We said we weren’t ready to buy a home; two days later, we were under contract. We said we disliked children… now, in our mid-30’s, we’re essentially new parents. And the child’s name is Laura (you’ll see when you come visit). And what a huge fucking time sink she is!! Every fucking day, there’s something that has to be handled with Laura. During the day, I’m making calls, going to her “games”, and meeting with her “teachers”. At night, I’m researching what options are best for her, getting her the supplies she needs to have a productive, happy life.

At this point, I’m telling my boss, “Yeah, Laura’s got a game tonight. I’m heading over. Tomorrow there’s a PTA conference. The day after, it’s piano lessons.” Ok, if you haven’t figured it out by now, Laura is our new house. But I’m thinking this must be what parenting is like… only worse. At least Laura is deaf/mute.

So what’s on tap for this weekend? Early moving, confirming bathroom materials, putting on a lockbox for the contractors. We still haven’t decided on the damn kitchen cabinets: we’re down to one final competing product; otherwise, Ikea, here we come! My contractor is a great guy, very thorough but goddamn, he doesn’t return calls or reply to emails. I’m trying to decide whether that’s a deal breaker.

In other news, the Reston home is finally under new management. God people, whatever you do, avoid McGrath at all costs. My contract with them terminated May 31, and guess what? My tenant received an email June 1 asking to schedule an inspection in late June. That’s what I’m talking about: they are perpetually disorganized. The head doesn’t talk to any of the limbs/organs. A complete fucking mess. I hope the new property management company is more competent, because seriously, at that point, I might as well have just managed the property myself from Cali and that STILL would have been 10 times better. Ugh. Anyway…

Today the landlord of our current place is coming over for an inspection. Not really sure how she’s going to inspect given that most everything is in boxes all over the frickin’ place, but whatever. Then, we’re taking the pups to their new pad. Can’t wait to see them frolic in the yard. They’re going to love all the sunshine too.

Ok, well time to start the day.

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