Usefulness of Google Calendar

Usefulness of Google Calendar

John and my friends always make fun of me, because I put EVERYTHING into Google calendar. At the moment, I maintain five separate calendars: work, personal, travel, health, bubbey. Yeah, I know, you could argue that five is a bit excessive and really travel and health could merge in with personal, but there are benefits to having separate cals (I’ll spare you the details). The key thing here is that the current system works awesome for me. Yes, I insert my friends’ schedules in there too. They’re reluctant to share their Google calendars with me (I don’t see why), but I input whatever deets I have regarding their vacations, schedules, moving dates, travel dates, etc. In that sense, Google calendar is like a contact management program. It allows me to remember details about my friends that I would otherwise forget. Keeps me up to speed.

And another great advantage? Chronology for blogging. If I go long periods without posting, all I have to do is refer to my calendar. In a matter of minutes, I’ll remember what the hell I’ve been up to for the past two months.

February, for example, was pretty busy. Mom-in-law’s bday, dad’s bday (I actually found Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers translated into Chinese!!), Chinese New Year/Valentine’s Day/Prez Day, badminton obsession, dog-friendly work policy, etc. And oh yes, I got my hair chopped. It was a last-minute impulsive change that I have regretted ever since. Ugh.

I also snowboarded for the first time ever. My work friends and I took Bay Area Ski Bus and did a day trip. Not too shabby but man, that ride home took FOREVER. Reminded me of being on that never-ending 21-hour bus ride from Shanghai to Beijing years ago. Anyway, here are some snow pics and even a video for your entertainment.

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