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The Work Never Ends

The Work Never Ends

So last week I was just getting back to my old self (nearing 100%). I readied for a productive week with a lengthy list of to-dos and then what happened? As luck would have it, I got summoned to jury duty. A little over a year ago, I had also been summoned. Back then, when I called the night before, I was immediately dismissed; they didn’t need me. When I called this time, I expected a repeat. After having been out of the office a month in November and then a week between the holidays, I was eager to get back to full productivity. Wrong.

I was called in to appear the next day. I sat through jury selection the day after, and then bam, I was it. Fucking A. I mean, sure I had wanted out, but at the same time, I wasn’t going to lie and insist that I would be biased just so they would eliminate me. So long story short, I was selected as an alternate. And that’s all I’m permitted to say about the case. Apparently though, the alternate does all the work without reaping any reward. I’m now “on call” via phone in case they need me to go in. Whatev.

So that’s how my week went. Then this weekend– it was fun. The weather was dry and sunny. This weekend was fun. Tina came over on Saturday, and we started on Martha Stewart’s piggy bank project. For some reason, I was convinced this could be done in like an hour. I know, I’m retarded. Here it is Sunday night, and the piggies are still drying. Tina and I will have to resume next week with additional layers, painting, sanding, etc. Geez Martha, your damn videos always make everything look so frickin’ easy (not to mention clean)! Oh well, we had a good time being crafty, and I have to admit, piggy is coming along nicely. Meanwhile, John cooked up an awesome beef stroganoff in the pressure cooker (that was in addition to a tasty buttery brioche). Yeah, no wonder I still haven’t dropped the holiday weight!

In other news though, I’m getting into the racket sports… yard tennis was a huge hit at work. Last Monday, before I got called into jury duty, my coworker and I hit the foam ball around in the board room during lunch. We worked up a sweat and all! And this is a fun activity to do while watching tv too. John reasons he should get expanded cable now that we’re “active” in front of the tv. Nice try, buddy.

Tomorrow night a group of friends are heading over to a new badminton club. John and I have been practicing by hitting around at our usual “skating rink.” I love that corpo parking lot– it’s so multipurpose. Seriously, in-line skating, caster skating, dog arena, badminton… who even needs a gym? I was thinking we can even tailgate in that lot! Haha. Guess I’m the only one whose fanatical about my concrete playground though– my friends actually play badminton in proper facilities and shit. You know, places that have heat/AC, real nets, and super bright lights. Oh well, it’s a good training ground for John and me. And boy do I need more practice: seriously, since when has my hand-eye coordination been about as good as a blind person’s? John jokes that I’m swinging the racquet like Zorro swishes his sword. Ah well, I’m getting better… guess we’ll see how things go tomorrow in public. 🙂

Yeah, sounds like all play time this weekend. But hey, I’m off tomorrow, so from now until badminton tomorrow night, I’m gonna cross some work items off my list. Need to get the momentum going again by Tuesday.