In the Homestretch

In the Homestretch

I’m in the homestretch now… 2 more days of classes and then I’m off to Madrid. Although I’m a little bummed about leaving my little island of learning, I suppose it’s time. Time to get back to Bubbey, the pups, my homies, California, and all that jazz. Tomorrow is Thankgiving, and I’m missing out on my favorite holiday of the year. Originally, I had packed a box of Trader Joe’s corn bread mix to share a little something something with my host family, but yesterday, when I brought up using her oven, well, let’s just say, it’s not going to happen. So no delicious corn bread on November 26 for me.

Honestly, I cannot wait to get home to eat vegetables and fruit and cereal!! I’ve had so much bread and meat here… And I gotta get me some Mexican horchata too. They make it here with tigernut instead of almonds and ugh, not good!

So my plans for Madrid are mostly done. I’ve booked my bus ticket, my hostal, and my ticket for a flamenco show. And I’ve got it all down in the calendar when I need to check-in for my flight online so that I score a killer seat. Back in my room, I’m tempted to start packing the suitcase already… I know, I’m always just busting at the seams. Ah well, I will control myself.

This week in Salamanca is noticeably colder than last. They say this is what the late fall/early winter in Salamanca usually feels like… I still prefer the warmer temps, even if they are an anomaly and a sign of global warming. I don’t like having to wear a gabillion layers and dragging my gloves and coat with me everywhere.

Well I’m getting cold and tired here in the classroom. Think I will head home early today. Maybe do some studying in bed. Like a true nerd, I whip through my homework during class breaks, so I get those done and out of the way very quickly. Maybe tomorrow, we’ll have a test. Who knows. I’m not stressed. I’ve learned a lot, and I can finally say in full honesty that that really is all that matters. But my friends, I’m giving you heads up… start plotting where we’ll do the next Spanish immersion…

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