Eeeek, Slow Internet!!

Eeeek, Slow Internet!!

Sorry for the long silence… internet connection at the school is super sketchy– at times the connection is so good I can do Skype video with Bubbey. Other times, the wifi just cuts out and uploading my photos takes ALL DAMN DAY.

So last weekend was quite busy. Stuart, my housemate (who I just learned today is 62 y/o—nearly as old as my father!) rented a car and was kind enough to shuttle a few of us out of town to Segovia and Madrid. I mention his age, because he’s amazingly mobile for a senior citizen (well, he is!!). I mean, every morning he books it to school so fucking fast, I’m practically running to keep up (and I’m a very fast walker as it is!). He used to lead safaris in Africa, and he mountaineers too— I think that’s the term for it. He’s been to Nepal eight times already. Definitely a Lewis and Clark type if you know what I mean. Anyhow, thank goodness I brought my Dramamine, because we rented this little Corsa car (similar to a Civic hatchback) and the winds were so strong, the vehicle flapped around the whole way there and back.

Overall, I’m enjoying Spain. One nice thing is that all the places I’ve visited feel very safe. And because of the siesta and late late dinner, people are out and about past midnight. I really love the architecture too— crazy old buildings and then in the same place, ultra modern public transportation options… it’s a cool mix. The only downside is that most of the old buildings are religious edifices. To me, that’s such a waste of brain power and manual labor… wouldn’t it be so much better if these buildings served more useful purposes for more people? People here tell me that, particularly after Franco, the role of religion has decreased dramatically. That makes sense, because all these beautiful places are nearly empty! Ah well, regardless, I must admit it’s quite amazing to stand inside something that was built in the 13th century. People back then must have been so damn brilliant!

Let’s see: what else. Oh, my host family asked me the other day to use less hot water. Mind you, I took a 10-minute shower, and the reason I was in there a few minutes longer than usual was because I was also laundering my underwear!! Anyhow, she explained that there a large tank of hot water that serves the 43 families in the building. She claims I used up all the hot water… Needless to say, I’m now down to a shower every other day and it’s 5 minutes tops PLUS I turn off the shower when I lather up. I told you I’m camping for three weeks!

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