The Parents

The Parents


My parents were in town this past week… to be honest, I was kinda dreading the visit: we’re not really known for getting along and under those circumstances, six days is a really long time. In the days before their arrival, I was innundated planning where to go, what to do, what to eat… John and I live in a 2 BR townhouse/rental where one room is the office. So, when the parents come over, that means we sleep on the foam mattress wedged between our two desks. I actually think sleeping on the floor is better for my back and I seem to sleep quite well, but John does not, especially without his usual mountain of pillows.

Anyway, the visit turned out much better than expected. For a few nights, John and I made dinner– not fresh seafood like my parents typically eat, but whatever, I (and they) was just thankful my stuff was edible. Mind you, we still hit two Asian markets in six days, and they loaded up on stuff as if our fridge were totally barren but it all worked out.

We took them to various attractions in the area: Monterey Aquarium, Filoli House and Garden, Pulgas Water Temple, College of San Mateo Farmer’s Market, SF Botanical Gardens, Conservatory of Flowers, SF Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf… Thankfully, they are still in great shape, so we did a lot of walking without too much trouble. Also, the weather was beautiful and for every outing, I was uber prepared: I made sure to pack a lunch box full of water, fruit, and snacks. Plus, because of the drastic temperature differences in the area, I also packed extra jackets, umbrellas (for the sun), etc.

Before you know it, the visit was over. Not too shabby. In fact, I even think we could do it again! 🙂

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