Session 4: Graduation

Session 4: Graduation

Haha, well looks like I’ve graduated from therapy again. Yup, only took four sessions, not that I was averse to continuing, but she just ran out of stuff for me. Partly, I was finally just calm, meaning I wasn’t flipping out about my expectation hangupsĀ or whatever, and I had settled on the status quo for the whole boss fiasco. Whatever. I just need to chill, so that’s what I did. And then suddenly, it seemed there wasn’t much more to discuss. So the door is always open she says, but oddly, I feel ok for now… which reminds me: I’m supposed to fill out some feedback card and mail it in.

In other news, this month has been extremely busy at work. We’re having our huge annual event at the end of August, so I’ve been gathering quotes for catering and such. Negotiated an awesome deal with last year’s vendors. I think I’m getting the hang of the negotiations game… they only increased the price by $1pp plus I got them to throw in a bunch of other free stuff. Cool deal, because honestly, without the concessions, we would have had to go elsewhere I’m sure. Budgets are tight this year for sure!

The weekends this month have been packed as well. Two weekends ago, my friend had a puppy bday party, which was totally fun. My friend is a super star decorator, so of course her backyard was an absolute doggie paradise with a mini pool and jumping hoop. Nine dogs total and it was a blast, except that it seems wherever Martin goes, there’s always one male dog that loves to lick his area. Yup, poor Marty never gets rest.

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