Productive Day Off

Productive Day Off

I’m another year older today. Luckily, my birthday matched up with my Monday off from work, so I enjoyed an extra day to my celebratory weekend. Not that I had a party or anything. John was called into the city for WWDC (I’m told that I’m getting upgraded to his 3G iPhone soon). But that was ok with me. I got to do all that I had planned for today: I slept in, rollerbladed with the pups, swam, sunbathed, poked around the computer, cleaned the house, went shopping (scored some cheap finds at Marshalls!!), chatted with some friends over the phone. All in all, a full day.

I’m feeling better about my issues. John got me this book from the library called the 20-something Manifesto. Yeah, I’m no longer in my 20s, but it’s an interesting book that identifies the feelings of disappointment, expectation, anxiety that I experience. I think again, it’s yet another example of how so many human experiences are shared, no matter how individual/unique we think we are.

So even though I don’t generally read books, I’m at least skimming through this one in hopes that it will help me progress from my current pathetic state. Ironically, on my birthday, I also booked an appointment with a therapist. I figure the book coupled with a professional’s help should kick my ass back into high gear.

In other news, my friend’s wedding in Jersey is coming up soon. I am diligently practicing the Chinese poem I will recite at the event. Pretty soon I’ll be able to say it in my sleep. Honestly, it’s been a good exercise for me and my mother. She eats that language translation stuff up, and I get to practice my pinyin input on the computer. So glad that system allows me to bypass writing Chinese characters by hand.

Well hopefully by now Bub has caught the last bus home. Last time I was in SF for a conference, that damn bus blew right by me while I stood there at the designated stop. Had to wait another 20 minutes for the next one. If that happens to Bubs, you can be sure he’s cabbing it home. He’s not a public transit kinda guy.

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