Staying Alive

Staying Alive

Eeek! April already. Fuck, I need more time. My dear friend Pamela and I had been trying to connect for days, maybe weeks. She was wondering what the hell I was doing that was keeping me so busy. I know, seriously, you’d think I was saving the world. Not even close.

So early last month, John and I survived our first time skiing. Hurray, hurray. Normally, this probably would not even be news, but given the recent death of the famed Natasha Richardson from a fall on the beginner’s slope, I count us doubly lucky. And no, we didn’t wear helmets. So despite putting ourselves in a high-risk, dangerous, potentially fatal situation, we had a pretty fun time. Prior to our lesson, we went on a bunny slope that was well, probably not a good idea for people with zippo experience, but you gotta love peer pressure. Our damn friends conned us into going and by the time we finally made it down the hill, we were 10 minutes late for class! And you know how I am about class and punctuality. Anyway, the ski lesson was helpful. I skiied down a big hill afterwards. Definitely put in a full day’s work. All in all, the Tahoe trip was a blast. My buddy Dave rented a cabin and a group of us lived it a la MTV Real World, with a pool table, ping pong table, and most importantly, a hot tub. Perfect after a long day on the slopes.

I fully expected Day 2 to be lax, but screw that. We went snowshoeing and well, let’s just say it was awesome for like the first two hours. For the last hour? A bit much. Dave and Jeff worked us to a frickin’ nub.

Come Monday, I was like Kramer in his tight Frankenstein jeans. Seriously, I even had trouble going up and down the stairs… for the entire week following. Yeah, these snow sports whipped my ass. Enjoy the pictures of me looking ridiculous in my winter gear. In my defense, let me just explain that I am deathly afraid of the cold and thankfully, my snow clothes kept me warm and dry the entire time. So remember: function over style… at least this time. Don’t hold it against me, please!

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