ADD to the Max

ADD to the Max

No disrespect to people who have been medically diagnosed, but Jesus Christ, I am suffering from ADD big time. So many thoughts fly in and out of my head that I have a major headache. First, there are the to dos– professional, personal, whatever. Then there are those god-awful, pain-in-the-ass new year resolutions. They are fucking exhausting. Then there’s the fun stuff. Like apparently, I was deprived of fun for far too long as an adolescent/young adult and now I’m going hog wild. Ok, not quite that extreme, but it’s like, I actually enjoy social interaction and I’m quite the activities planner. Along with the people stuff, there’s all the interesting/funny/entertaining/stimulating random self-learning things. Who the hell can keep up? Seriously.

So let’s back up a bit. I mean, what the hell have I been up to really? Well, January flew by at warp speed. Several nights a week I was doing the whole skate practice thing. Yeah, that was like resolution #1. Then I was savoring the final two episodes of Lipstick Jungle. I still love that show and I hope to God NBC has the good sense to bring it back. I was getting back into the WNTW episodes. For a brief period, I had gotten sick of listening to Stacy and Clinton yammer on and on with their cut-downs and blah de blah. In fact, I had started fast fowarding through most of the episodes, catching just the beginning, the 2nd day of shopping, hair/makeup, and the final 3 outfits. Yeah, I had boiled down a 30-minute show into like 12 minutes. Efficiency, I tell you. Of course, I could never deny the success of their work. But the recent clincher? An episode about a 40-year old executive director of a music school. She was still in jeans and embellished tanks. I really liked what she wore, and how did the gurus describe it? Juvenile, unprofessional. So again, I was reminded of my tendency towards juniors’ apparel. And let’s face it: I’m at least a decade plus beyond that demographic. So I started rethinking the style thing and that opened up a whole new can of worms.

I decided I needed to spice up the look again. So I got books from the library. Who the hell knew that Trinney and Susannah came before Stacy and Clinton? The books were fascinating. Crazy scenarios with the same person dressed in two styles for the same situation (for example, job interview). And like what their “look” said about them. I was blown away. Really. You’ll have to see the books yourself to understand. Anyway, all of this is coming at a good time, because my friend Grace is getting married in June. The upcoming wedding has prompted an interest in a makeover, so in March, we’re meeting up with the experts. No, not S&C, but a style guru in SF. We’ve booked a 6-hour session, and I cannot wait. I’m going to have so many questions for her. She will be my book of answers. John is so relieved I have a buddy for this excursion. Six hours of shopping/makeover/style stuff does not interest him at all. In the meantime, I have started experimenting with my wardrobe. The tall boots came out. I’m wearing the trousers instead of jeans and a tee. Many at work have commented on the difference… I should just say it’s yet another form of the mid-life crisis. I appreciate their compliments but deep down, I know my friend Pamela would still rate me a mess. 🙂 Guess it’s all relative. Either way, I’m having fun playing around. It’s all rather frivolous but oh well, it keeps me busy.

Last month I also saw an awesome show called Get Mortified. Basically, people find stuff they wrote as kids/adolescents and they audition to read/perform their material on stage. Hilarious with all the angst and drama of youth. Was awesome! A group of us is catching the Valentine’s doomsday special next week. I may just dig around my old junk this next time I’m back in Frederick… who knows what material I may find!

What else. Oh, I finally switched from Verizon to AT&T. Activated his old iPhone. Wonderful device for reading email, doing Twitter, and getting the news. Sucks for text messaging though. Really sucks. The apps are so-so. Neat but not a major time sink for me.

Also, I had a Chinese New Year party last month. People came over, we made dumplings, ate hot pot. It was like a marathon 6-hour long party. We played board games and went skating at my private rink! I had a grand ol’ time but boy was I tired afterwards. Partying is a lot of work.

Ok, obviously I am all over the place. I still have a headache. And I’m having my weird sneezing attack again. This winter has been an odd season. Tons of people have gotten sick and people are just having unusual symptoms. Like what’s up with the serial sneezing but then no cold? Who the hell knows. I’m hitting the sack early today. Tomorrow Grace and I are going to a play in the city. Another relationship play. Just what I like: more drama.

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