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Weaning, Redirecting, Refocusing

Weaning, Redirecting, Refocusing

Ok, so I made some big decisions recently. Seeing as I was giving Goodbers very little love in the new year, I decided something had to change. After all, Goodbers and I go way back to 2003, and to my own fault, I had let the relationship slide.

Initially, I had been seduced by the trendiness of Facebook (and Twitter to a lesser extent), but ultimately, I realized that FB made me way too high maintenance. It was just too much work for my online identity to handle. Sure, FB was great for getting back in touch and seeing what old acquaintances were up to, but in the end, there was just too much fluff, not to mention the annoying applications and games. Long story short, I’m returning to my roots: paring down on FB and going back to blogging on goodbers. I plan to still tweet alongside the blogging (see sidebar), but I definitely want to bring back the longer posts.

New Year, New Obsessions

New Year, New Obsessions

Truth be told, I’ve picked up some new obsessions, er hobbies. What began as earnest “job research” (investigating web 2.0 phenomena as methods to build web traffic), has quickly blossomed into well, what I would call attention whoring. And yes, I hate to use that term but at the moment, I can’t think up a better word. Needless to say, this Twitter/Facebook fad is seriously detracting me from blogging. It’s just so much easier to write random lines (limited to 140 characters) than to assemble paragraphs and themed thoughts. Granted, it’s not as if my blog postings are expertly organized or cohesive, but I suppose there is something to be said for texting an update or two via the mobile device (my iPhone which I continue to use as an iPod Touch… I know, blasphemy!).

In my defense, the thing about Facebook is that it taps into all those secret childhood desires: to be liked, to be accepted, to be popular, to be current. I’ve always felt like my early 30s represented my highest level of self acceptance, and yet there is this magnetic pull to FB. I want to see what my peers are doing. It’s so difficult to explain, and oftentimes I think people– even those like John who know me well– misread it as competition, but it’s an odd hunger where for the most part, I am just on this continual search for the secret to happiness and fulfillment. By seeing what others are up to, I hold out hope that perhaps one day, I will find the secret that others seem to have found. Facebook is kind of like watching tv (America’s Best Dance Crew or Biggest Loser), except it’s much more efficient and I’m watching people I know do, learn, live. Not sure that I’ve explained myself clearly but anyway… FB is fun (albeit sometimes a huge time sink).

So in other news, John got me a new board game: Backseat Drawing. A bit like Pictionary except the person who reads the clue has to direct the artist on what to draw using basic directions and shapes. Very fun. The party was a blast– a diverse mix of peeps but we all got along.

At work, I’m rolling out a ton of new stuff in the next month. Going to finish up the fiscal year strong. Swear to god, I love this job. I really am so thankful for it. Kick ass content. Awesome boss. Wonderful coworkers. It’s one of the solid things tying me down to California.

Oh, I almost forgot: New Year’s resolutions. John keeps reminding me that they have to be “measurable goals” or whatever. Don’t use your lame project management lingo with me, buddy. Here goes:

1. Learn to skate gracefully on my new Xlider board skates (and achieve DB (dancer’s body) in the process.
2. Try two new recipes a month.
3. Do something in the city once a month.
4. Go hiking once a month and take pictures!
5. Play my zither once a month.
6. Host a game night or party every other month.
7. Plan a weekend getaway every other month.
8. Volunteer once per quarter.
9. Read one book per quarter (I know, pathetic, but hey I don’t read books!).
10. Participate in a Spanish immersion program.
11. Try a professional meetup group.
12. Start Chinese self study.

Me, me, me, right? (Well that’s the luxury I get for nixing kids and parenthood!) There should be plenty more, but I’ll have to add later. That’s enough to get me started. Damn, gotta figure out how I’m gonna squeeze all this in! 😛