Theater Weekend

Theater Weekend

The forecast is calling for rain all weekend. What better reason than to book tickets for two plays! John probably could care less (he’s not that involved with activity planning for the household), but I’m psyched to see two productions at smaller theaters in the peninsula. This evening we’re heading into Mountain View to grab a bite before Nickel and Dimed at the Pear Avenue Theater (I’ve never been). Thankfully, it’s also getting us out of dinner plans with Oscar’s parents. Yep. Seems like the wife freaked out about the husband’s grief and mourning, so she decided the solution was to adopt another kitten– from a later litter. The new kitten (also a savannah cat) arrived yesterday, and already Fonda wants us to go over and see him. Jesus. I have all these reservations and unanswered questions. I mean, was Oscar’s pyothorax indeed caused by a bite wound to the chest (as the vet suggested is often the case, particularly in multi-cat households)? If so, why on earth would you get another kitten? Just seems really irresponsible, and frankly, I’m annoyed. I mean, I suppose people deal with grief and heartache in all different ways but… Sigh. This just seems incredibly rash. Anyway, I just need a break from Fonda. She’s so damn high maintenance. In spite of this all, the new kitty sure looks cute.


But back to the theater weekend… tomorrow afternoon, John’s taking a breather from football to see The Little Foxes with me at our very own Hillbarn Theatre in Foster City. Got rave reviews, so I’m stoked.

As for today, John’s working so I’m left to my own devices. You know what that means: loads of laundry, vacuuming, errands. Yup. That’s just how I roll. Getting ready to head out shopping for a bit. Old Navy is having a big sale, and I’m generic (and cheap) like that. 🙂

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