My friend at work just got a new puppy. Well I guess Zainey isn’t all that new anymore… Jen got her a few weeks ago and the pup is already 14 weeks. An adorable little border collie-lab mix. Ultra cute. I was super psyched about introducing her to Remy and Martin, so on Thursday, I had Puppyfest at our house. Three doggies, four people, pizza, beer, and Pictionary. It was a good time.

As expected, Remy was a cranky little beotch, but Zainey loved it. And then poor Martin, he got chased by both of the girls. All in all, they had a blast running around crazy. With my two geriatric dogs, I can totally leave stuff on the sofa and tables, so I didn’t think twice about setting my cheese platter appetizer on the ottoman. Forget about it! Zaine was in to that cheese in no time! I had forgotten how fast little puppies dart around. Remy and Martin got so worn out, this morning they didn’t even get up to go for their morning walk. Senior citizens, I tell you.

So today was Halloween. I actually dressed up. I was a punk, meaning, I wore all black, had the fishnets and boots, the spikey belt, the dog collars, a nose ring, and some other silver jewelry. Being the cheap bastard that I am, I limited my costume purchases to just the spikey belt. Everything else was borrowed (like from Remy and Martin) and then thrown together. So I didn’t look totally badass. I didn’t look like some tough chick who was going to kick your ass. Too bad but that’s what I get for minimal investment. So sure, I didn’t go as hard core as I could have, but damn, some clueless dude at work asked me if I was a gypsy. WTF??? A gypsy? Honestly peeps, check out the pics. Does anything about my costume suggest gypsy? Huh? The bummer is, I didn’t win the costume contest. Someone else dressed up as Marie Antoinette with the poofy corseted dress, the white powder face, the white wig, and a bloody neck. Yeah, I have to say, she took the cake. But I wasn’t about to throw in the towel completely. I also entered the pumpkin carving contest. And you know what? John is damn right: the proper tools make all the difference. I carved that fucker in record time. Like 30 minutes. Who knew pumpkin carving could be so easy. I was pretty stoked about my design. If you must know, I was inspired by the tablecloth pattern at our office potluck. I carved a bat. And frankly, I thought she turned out pretty kick ass. But I still lost out. The random retard of a judge opted for the pumpkin that had the innards stuffed in its mouth (as if it were puking pumpkin guts and seeds). Yes, I admit the idea certainly was clever but still… My design required more skill. But I’m not bitter or anything. No. In fact, I’m mighty proud.

I brought the pumpkin home for Bubbey tonight. As proof that my plan to become more artsy/crafty and domestic is working. It’s in me. I know it is. Mind over body. Happy Halloween folks.

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