To the Day

To the Day

Aw yeah baby, I’m officially off probation. Woo hoo! Yup, I finally made it to the 1-year mark with the treehuggers; I look forward to many more months of fun. Yes, I say months and not years or decades, because come on, I’m not that much of an optimist. Gotta keep that shit in check, otherwise I’ll get burned.

Speaking of getting burned, some crazy crap went down recently with my former employer. I got an email last week from a buddy who left in August. Most of the staffers got laid off, and then the remaining employees were instructed to go on a 2-week vacation (figures the company would insist on calling it “vacation” even though it’s totally unpaid) and reconvene later this month (to re-evaluate). The story is that a lead investor pulled out… I guess it’s yet another example of these uncertain times. Save up for the rainy day folks, because just like that, the deluge begins. I haven’t spoken much to my friends who are still there, but some have changed their Linked In status to “looking for a job.” Still, others don’t seem all that stressed. Guess I’ll get the full scoop when a few of them come over for dinner next week.

As for me, the rest of this week is busy. Tomorrow I’m heading to Milpitas for a Photoshop class. I already use Photoshop regularly, but I’m retaking an intro class as a refresher. I’m sure I’m hacking my way through PS now, so I welcome the opportunity to become more legit. On Friday night, John, Bri, and I are going to see Sondheim’s Into the Woods (Thanks Goldstar!). I’ve only seen this production one other time: freshman year at Duke, starring my crush of the moment. The play was what cinched the deal for him: I was just so enthralled with his talent– the singing, the acting, the dancing. I know, I’m such a wannabe everything– athlete, performer, activist, polyglot… Anyway, the play should be fun.

Then Saturday, I’ll be up again at the crack of dawn, working another event. John and Bri plan to participate, but I don’t know if they’re up for a 8-12 mile hike. After all, they haven’t been on my Olympian training schedule, you know? What else? Work, obviously, is going well. My department hired a new 30-something earlier this month, and she seems really cool. I’m going to invite her out for lunch next week, so I can get the full scoop. Hehe, always doing “research.”

Oddly enough, I have noticed the return of my insomnia in recent weeks. Not sure why– the huge work event last Saturday perhaps? I dunno, I’d hope work doesn’t stress me out that much. I’ve also noticed more brain activity later into the night (thinking about work, Chinese class, home improvement, garden improvement, travel plans, etc.) but still. Something has been waking me every day at about 4:30. I end up returning to bed but then I wake up unrested at 7. I don’t know. Whatever the issue, I need to figure it out, because it’s screwing up my efficiency. 🙂

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