The Wedding Planner

The Wedding Planner

Oh man, it’s finally over. Though I’d only have to endure the horrors of wedding planning once in my life. I was wrong. Turns out, the public affairs department (of which I am a part) at work puts on a yearly volunteer recognition event and last Saturday was the biggest turnout ever with over 200 people. And I was in charge of the caterers. I also dabbled (reluctantly) in decorations, booz, entertainment… I know, totally NOT up my alley. But, I’m happy to report that the event went beautifully. And now we get to repeat the entire arduous process next year. Yay.

In other news, Bubbey is still sifting through our Oregon pictures. Sorry for the delay. Hopefully, they’ll post soon. Meanwhile, my Olympian training schedule continues. As the weather has gotten colder, we’ve slacked a couple days here and there, but for the most part, I’ve got the system down: walking (morning or night), lunch skate, evening swim. Come to me DB…

A bunch of people from high school have been contacting me through Facebook. Damn, I just cannot get over how adult everyone looks. And what’s with the kids?! Holy smokes, they’re sprouting like weeds. Seriously. It’s as if the human race were going extinct, and everyone made a mad dash to procreate. Whatev. I’ll never understand it. Thankfully, John doesn’t either. We prefer to remain in full control of our lives and our lives only. Honestly, who can bother about a whole other entity?

Btw, are you following the politics? Wtf people, Sarah Palin?? Are you fucking kidding me? She’s gaining momentum AND the support of women, “they” say. Who are these women????? John and I watched Michael Moore’s Sicko last week. How utterly depressing. This country is fucked up. Sure, maybe it’s naive to expect that Obama will turn this screwed up joint around. But really, there are two choices: Option A and Option B. You have to choose one, and puhlease, this is not a trick question. My reasons?

1. I’m pro-choice. Sure, given my barren womb philosophy, you’d be accurate in calling me pro-abortion in all instances (for myself, that is) but look, the bottom line is: a woman’s body, a woman’s choice. Beyond that, fuck off.
2. I’m a minority woman and newsflash: racism AND sexism still exist. The government should acknowledge this.
3. Global warming is real, and humankind (myself included) plays an integral role in trashing the planet and exacerbating the situation.
4. I want government to provide programs for people who need help.

Of course, who opposes fiscal responsibility? Sure, sometimes money gets squandered and programs don’t work. That doesn’t mean the programs don’t deserve tweaking or re-working. All of you who believe the Republicans are fiscally responsible? Wake up and smell the bacon. How much money is pissing away on this unjust war? And seriously, spare me the self-righteous bullshit. If life were so goddamn precious that you couldn’t possibly terminate a fetus the size of a grain of rice, how then could you possibly justify the death of innocent civilians or the torture (not to mention suspended rights) of alleged “enemy combatants”? They say it’s for our protection, but I don’t feel any safer. In fact, US citizens traveling abroad are even more at risk of attacks than ever before. Ugh. Taxes, schmaxes. Look, either way you’re forking over the dough- be it for an unjust war or for the resulting emotional/physical ailments attributed to a deteriorating environment. Think happy thoughts though.

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