Let the Games Begin!

Let the Games Begin!

Holy crap, are you folks watching the Olympics? My frickin’ god, these people are disciplined. Not just the competing athletes (Jesus, is Phelps unreal or what??!) but shit, did you see the opening ceremony? Machine-like precision. That’s it: enough complaining out of me. I’m on it: the pursuit of perfection starts now. It’s so evidently possible.

This week I started a new program. John and I are on Day 3 of waking up early for a morning walk (30-45 minutes) with the pups. And I’m lining up my fall schedule man: Chinese class, swimming, skating, bicycling, web training… who has time for sleep? Hell, if everyday people can freakin’ earn their MBAs and JDs while working full time and raising kids, I can certainly boost my efficiency.

So John is officially back at work. I had my qualms, but so far so good. He made an awesome dinner Monday night. My friend Tina was totally impressed: said for me to shut up from now on — no more complaining about Bubbey. But shit, I’m not about to stand by and get one-upped by the hubby. It’s a new era. So on Tuesday, I checked out a cute mom-and-pop grocery store after work (crazy fresh produce for cheap!!) and I even made dinner: veg black bean sloppy joes. Thank goodness for Rachel Ray. Can you believe I actually got it all done in 30 minutes? Honestly, it was a lot of hustle, but that’s gonna be the story of my life now. Struggle and hustle.

I’m also aiming for longer pool time now. Did you know the swimmers spend like 30 hours/week in the pool? I think I should be able to handle an hour of doggie paddling. I’m such a wussy pants.

What else. Oh, John and I are heading to Vegas this weekend. Yup, we impulsive like that. Our friends are going, and we’re going to meet up, because I’m too cheap to buy the Friday night flights. Gotta love United Efares promos. Flying out Sat and returning early morning Monday. Shaves like $100-$200 off per ticket! Waking up early ain’t gonna be a problem for me anymore. Yeah, I’m disciplined like that. Ha.

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