Playing with Tech

Playing with Tech

Oh man. I spent all fucking day trying to restore the North America maps on my stupid Garmin StreetPilot C330. At work, I used my GPS to play around with some new GPS data prepped by our GIS specialist and in the process of adding new data, I erased the standard maps that came with the unit. Jesus Christ. You have no idea what a fucking pain it has been trying to get this shit back. Garmin certainly does not make this shit easy. No restore. No hard reset. Sure, you can download the City Navigator North America NT or whatever, but you have to pay like $100, even if it’s the version that came with the unit. All day, I tell you. I was on all kinds of sketchy sites, fiddling with torrents and rars and zips… I must have been living on Mars, because all of it is new to me!

And then the stupid SD slot is buggy as hell. Pop the card in, pop the card out. Sometimes it’s recognized, sometimes not. A total crapshoot. But now as the fireworks are going off at 9:30 this evening, I’ve got it all back. Thank goodness. Now I can actually chill out this holiday weekend.

So last night Tina and I saw Cabaret at a small theater in the city. Respectable attempt but that musical is just way too lavish to pull off in a mini theater with a 15 x 8 ft. stage. Ain’t cutting it. Cabaret definitely is a production where you have to go all out. Oh well. Live and learn. Cozy theaters are ideal for one-person shows like comedy stand ups, but they’re totally inadequate for productions with full casts. For those, I want the full effect with complete immersion.

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