Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera

My buddy Tina and I planned ahead. Big time. We purchased tickets for Phantom of the Opera way back in November for a June 14 show. Yes, that’s how hard core I am about theater. She’d been raving about this particular show, and as life would have it, she had to miss it. Her father had back surgery in Bangkok (that’s where her parents live). So, despite months of anticipation, she wasn’t able to attend. Total bummer. But her hubby joined, so the three of us drove 2+ hours to Sac. Yes, it was too far. The show was quite good, but I have to say, it’s not among my favs. The opera parts are just a tad too cacophonous for me. Lesson learned. Sacramento is reserved for the creme de la creme, i.e. Les Mis or Cabaret. Speaking of Cabaret, I’m going to see it at the SF PLayhouse next month. Love Goldstar, my source for discount event tickets. It’s wonderful for small venue performances.

What else is happening… let’s see. I took my second sick day ever at the District. John was sick last weekend, and he passed the stinging eyes, nasal congestion on to me. Hurray. My method of treatment involved baking myself under the hot summer rays, and now my abdomen is red. I hope to be well enough to work tomorrow though. Love my job, you know. Can’t be away from it for long.

I finally broke my weight barrier by the way. In recent months, I had packed on as much as ten pounds… I’ve shed five now, so things are good. The previous situation was nothing desperate really, but you know me… dancer’s body, that’s the goal. Now that hip hop class is officially over, I’m moving onto advanced yoga and well hip hop in the privacy of my own home (got a hip hop DVD for my b-day). Tonight I’m hitting the pool.

Speaking of the pool, last night we took the dogs with us. Immediately upon entering the gate, they went nuts. Picked up a scent and just went crazy. Turned out, a raccoon had gone up a tree. And it was a big guy too. He was essentially stuck in the tree, and both dogs started scratching and jumping on the trunk. I’ve read that coons can get quite violent with dogs, so I started getting very nervous. I called both dogs, but they totally ignored me. Instinct had kicked in and they were in a total zone. Then the top of the tree started swaying around as the coon repositioned himself. I could have sworn he was about to fall out of the tree and get cornered by the dogs. Let me tell you, the whole incident was but a few minutes but I was stressed. I finally grabbed a hold of the dogs, spanked them for not coming when called, and we left. Stupid fuckers. They are going to get themselves slashed for real. No more pool time for them. Apparently, they never learned their lesson from the skunk and now they’ve moved on to more dangerous critters.

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