Life is Good. Oh, Let Me Count the Ways…

Life is Good. Oh, Let Me Count the Ways…

Six weeks later, BBD is still going strong. Below is just a sampling of his recent dinner creations. Now you know why DB (dancer’s body) has eluded me for so long. Regardless, like I said, whatever it takes to keep Bubbey home. I’m scouring the job boards nightly for part-time/contract work to supplement my paltry government salary…

black bean burritos
pulled pork sandwiches
homemade cheeseburgers with asparagus side
pot roast with veggies
walnut pesto baked shells with cheese/broccoli side
cod with potatoes
chicken soup
mango shrimp skewers
pork chops with raspberry glaze
angel hair pasta with homemade spaghetti meat sauce
salad with homemade dressing

other tasties:
blackberry jam
strawberry jam
mozzarella + tomatoes
key lime pie (for my b-day)

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