Memorial Day Weekend Wrapup

Memorial Day Weekend Wrapup

Whew. Busy, busy, I tell you. BBD is something else. You see, I haven’t been sleeping well again… I’ve been having all kinds of bizarre anxiety dreams. The most disturbing one? I dreamed that I was with my BOSS, and he was cheating on me!! Yes, the boss whom I googled before my first day and I discovered icky stuff about him online. Now, just to be completely clear, I am not attracted to my boss, so I don’t know why I would dream about being his girlfriend, but whatever. Maybe one explanation could be that the night before, a couple gals from work went to happy hour. When the subject of that unflattering online post came up, my coworker said she was relieved that I’d already known. Apparently, everyone else in my department already knew about the post, but they didn’t want to “adulterate” my view of him. Anyway, I told them that scorned women were still coming out of the woodwork– that people were posting comments to the blog even as recent as last month… Anyway, the dream was ultra disturbing. He was cheating on me and then he gave me an STD. I know. Raunchy, right? I’m so so lucky to have Bubbey. BBD is the best.

Anyway, as I was saying, I’d been having some restless nights. So Memorial Day weekend was all about sleeping in. Well, new BBD had an entire itinerary planned. He wanted to get to the SF Zoo right at opening time to take pictures with his new camera. Fine. Got me up on Saturday. We were supposed to leave the house at 9. I was being pokey, so we didn’t leave the house until 9:30. Then, Bubbey got all pissy about it; I was delaying his schedule, blah, blah… I know, can you believe that shit? Well turns out, we STILL got there 15 before the gates even opened and the weather was frickin’ cold and drizzly. And half the place was “under construction,” or the animals didn’t come out. So annoying. But as the day progressed, things dried a bit, and we got some cute pics.

The remainder of the weekend was packed. Following the zoo, we went to the College of San Mateo to check out their weekly farmer’s market. I guess in part, we were researching the vendors. I’m still supposed to help Bub design labels for his jars of jam (we now have strawberry, blackberry, and pickles). We’re up to our ears in canned goods, and tomorrow I think he’s making marmalade. Energizer bunny, I tell you. The farmer’s market was good… very extensive. I’m sure we’ll go back next week.

On Sunday, I scored us some awesome, cheapie last minute tickets to Beauty and the Beast in San Jose. Yup, someone posted on Craiglist, saying “something came up” so they had four tickets available. Two hours to showtime, I called Lisa. while trying to arrange an exchange time/place, she said they would be home (“with the black BMW and white Lexus in the driveway”). They were just going to be out back in the pool.

So we drive to Los Altos, and it’s a beautiful $3 million home not far from my work. I go around back, and it’s this gorgeous green lawn: 3 pampered poodles running around and three young couples in the pool. Seriously, it was like land of the beautiful babies. Buff men and slim women in their string bikinis. Sigh. To be young (maybe just a few years older than us), rich, and beautiful. Mind you, these theater tickets were $75 a pop. And they had four. “Something just came up.” Just didn’t feel like going: wanted to chill in the pool instead. Blows my mind. But hey, I scored tickets for 1/3 the price. Mark a win for the frugal, frumpy nerd! Yay!

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