Slacking Off

Slacking Off

God, I’ve been so bad lately about writing. What’s the deal, right? To be honest, for the longest time, I’ve been meaning to update but somehow procrastination had gotten the best of me.

The new year’s kicked off to a decent start. No resolutions list as with last year, but don’t worry, mentally, I have a to do. Always have my to do. I’m thinking get in shape, get back on the Spanish train, kick ass at the job that I love… in general, eat less, move more, learn more, and give more.

My buddy Tina has turned out to be a real blessing. She’s a total trooper… signs up for all the activities I want to do (but Bubbey doesn’t). We’re carpooling, sharing magazines, making dinner, rollerblading… she’s like a sister I never had. Of course, all my dear friends are like sisters but it’s nice because Tina lives five minutes away. So it’s good: we sort of motivate each other to be more active than we would be individually. Plus, John’s been hammered at work lately. I mean, he’s the total superstar (won the company “Hero of 2007” Award) so that’s really awesome, but he works A LOT. I mean, take tonight for example. He got home about an hour later than he said, we ate dinner with his iPhone next to his bowl, and now he’s on a work call. Ahh, such is the life of the workaholic. Who can blame him. I also do some bit of work from home every night. Then again, I’m a wannabe overachiever and well, I love my work, what can I say. A workaholic can’t rag on another workaholic, right?

Speaking more of my work, I had a big presentation Monday to all the managers. Gave a sort of web update. I was all stressed: spent the weekend prior doing my slides, running through my spiel. Thankfully, the meeting went well. This week I’ve been working on some budgeting stuff. Love the responsibilities of this job. I’m learning so much. Totally rocks. Plus, I recently joined NTEN, the Nonprofit Technology Network. They’re having a conference in New Orleans in March, and work might even pay for me to go! How sweet would that be? On my down time, I’ll have to hit up my buddies Brad and Angie. Yup. I’m a celeb gossip freak that way.

Oh, John’s company just released their new 2008 HR policies. Unlimited paid vacation. Can you fucking believe? As long as you get your shit done and the manager approves, you’re home fucking free. Plus, they pay half of your gym membership. Dotcom companies, man. Flush with cash. And they say government benefits are good. My benefits are shit compared to his. Sigh. Oh well, the good thing is that he may go with me to Orleans, so that could be a fun little adventure.

In other news, I climbed back in the saddle last Saturday– first time since before Christmas. I rode Tucker this time— even larger than Hobbs. This horse was so humongous that the top of my head only reached the base of his neck. I know! Massive! And he kicked my bony butt big time. I am so frickin’ bruised. At first, I was having a blast riding him fast around the ring. Then, he started going faster and faster and the next thing I knew, he was cutting the corners and shit. My ass was literally slamming in and out of the saddle. My instructor kept saying slow him down (I had the reins so fucking tight: he didn’t give a damn) and get a deeper seat. I swear, I must’ve looked like a wussy little rag doll getting thrashed about. Fucking horse. But he sure was a looker. I know, I’m such the masochist. He beats me up and I still brush him for an hour afterwards and feed him apples. I hope I get him again this weekend. I’ll so him who’s the boss.

Last weekend John and I also took our bicycles to the shop for brake adjustments. Let me tell you: bike repairs are crazy expensive. $60 to adjust the brakes on both bikes. Wtf? I mean seriously, how does bicycle repair cost more than auto repair? Honestly people. So annoying. But whatev, I was sick of fidgeting with the brakes on my own. At least now we’re set. John and I are going for a spin on Sunday. Can’t wait.

Well Bembo is harassing the shit out of me now. It’s time for their walk. Demanding little brats. But oh so cute. Signing off now. More later.

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