Work Site Returns… Finally!

Work Site Returns… Finally!

OMFG. Work website was down for 3 bloody frickin’ days. Can you believe? Who the hell does that? No, it wasn’t my fault but god, it was killing me. And I was riding major ass with our web hosts. So worthless. THE worst tech support system ever. No one has direct communication with the server admin. I was on them like every two hours. Whatev. Come Monday, I’m starting the migration. Cannot deal with crap service. Seriously, I was on the phone multiple times a day, with a different rep each time, and in the end, still no ounce of insight on what the hell happened other than “you were hacked.” Duh.

It’s been a rough week– very little sleep, high anxiety, and super pissy mood. Good news is we’re back online. Bad news is the dynamic content is still fucked. Hackers got into our database. Luckily, no major files were deleted, but still. Pain in my ass.

All other errands for the weekend fell to the wayside. Ugh. Week before the holidays. I have a feeling week is going to start off full speed. Gotta go to the grocery store now. Bubbey has to be back before the Redskins game at 5. More later.

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