Call Me Bubbles

Call Me Bubbles

A few weeks ago, I shared with you my Glassy Eyes discovery. That finding then sparked the longest week of eyeglass research. I was printing out frames, cutting them out, holding them against my face. I freaking pulled out the marker and measured my PD (pupil distance) in front of the mirror. Yes, when I latch onto something, I take it and run. After my sixth measurement, I finally took the plunge: it was time to replace my purple DKNY eyeglasses circa 2000.

Long story short, I finally settled on these frames. Yeah, figured I’d try really hard to get what’s in: thick, plastic frames. When I showed the picture to Bubs, he was very skeptical. In fact, he had a whole list of qualms– mostly he didn’t like the idea of me measuring my own PD. I told you he’s deluxe. He’s all about getting the professionals to do it. No DIY with him.


But whatever. The glasses cost a mere $35 compared to my $250 Donna Karans. How bad could they possibly be, right? Well three weeks later, I have my new glasses. I won’t post any pictures of me wearing them, but let’s just say Bubbey’s got a new name for me now: Bubbles (from Trailer Park Boys).

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