Working the System

Working the System

Awww yeah baby, just got the verdict on my speeding ticket from May. Not guilty. Eat that! I’m so proud of myself. No more coughing up the hard-earned dough to the coppers.

Of course I spent hours researching the whole damn process, but you know what? It was about frickin’ time I learned how to work the system. Seriously, I encourage everyone to do the same. Here were the steps I took, in case you’re interested.

1. Waited to get the courtesy notice in the mail (about 5 wks from date of citation).
2. Submitted the fine but requested the option for “trial by declaration (written statement).”
3. The Court mailed me the forms requesting any additional evidence and a written statement.
4. I completed the forms and submitted a statement along the lines of:

I was traveling westbound on Highway ABC mid-day heading towards the XYZ Bridge. Before I was pulled over, I had changed lanes to position myself for the upcoming toll plaza. The weather was dry and sunny; I was traveling at a speed safe for the conditions.

The officer pulled me over several hundred feet from the toll plaza. He said I was speeding and that he clocked me going 82 mph; however, he did not show me the readout on his radar gun.

I question the accuracy of the radar device that was used…

Blah, blah. You get the point.

5. About one month after receiving the trial forms, I got a letter saying I was found NOT GUILTY, because the officer failed to submit paperwork responding to my statement.

I had suspected this might be the case: officers usually show up to court since they can charge OT for it, but they rarely refute written declarations because it’s pure paperwork. Regardless, it sure helps to do the homework. Saved myself enough dough to buy another 3-4 pairs of Birks. 😉

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