A few of my coworkers organized an after-work drinks/dinner at Chevy’s on Friday. To my surprise, the turnout was strong– about 14 people. It was a little odd with people still trying to figure out what pushed me over the edge (is it really that much of a mystery?). All in all though, a grand time. I had a beer (got tipsy after just one), the ballon guy came around and designed me a ballon doggie as well as a very flattering hat (pictures were taken…). Afterwards, most of the peeps headed home, but since I was still a tad inebriated, my buddies Dave and Joe took me to Chuck E. Cheese’s next door. I know, usually I’m too serious for games and arcades, but the booze took off the edge, and it was kind of fun accumulating those little tickets. Ha, reminded me of those Fun Factory days: I always took in my straight A report cards to redeem the 10 free tokens. I know, I was such the nerd.

This weekend has been awesome. I’m finally getting some sleep and recapturing some zest for life. On Saturday, we went to a lunchtime picnic thrown by John’s company. My god. Total opposite end of the spectrum. They frickin’ rented out the park. Had a goddamn moon bounce, magician, palm reader, caricature artist, catered food. The fucking works. No coworker being the designated grillmaster. Was awesome. I got my palm read– the guy said the downward slope on one of my palm lines meant I had to be careful of my proclivity for depression. Nice.

Then, I was super psyched about the artist. He’d done a bunch before us, and they were all really good so I couldn’t wait for us to get ours. How’d it turn out? Total dud. Doesn’t even look like me, and on top of that, he made John look like a cross between Jarrod the Subway guy and Simon the Chipmunk. Totally UNflattering. I dunno if it was because we were the last ones or what. Regardless, I got a decent belly laugh out of it. See for yourself. Seriously, please tell me we do not look like that. Please.

Saturday night, we went to the movies. Yup, I actually let us go out for full-price movies. We watched Bourne Ultimatum. I had missed the previous two in the series but apparently, it didn’t much matter. Ultimatum was quite good. I’m starting to see the appeal now of going out to the movies. Hee, hee.

Today was a very active day too. In the morning, John and I found a new park on the peninsula, where we took the dogs on a morning hike. Was fun. Unlike Dry Creek Park, Pulgas Ridge had plenty of shade.

On our way home, we dropped by Trader Joe’s and picked up stuff for lunch. Threw some pollo asada on the grill and had wraps. Not bad at all. In the afternoon, we went to the pool. It was gorgeous outside, and the only soul at the pool was an old man sunbathing in his Speedos. Seriously, where the fuck is everybody? Oh well, more pool for us.

After dinner, I took the pups rollerblading. They must have been tired still from the hike, because they dragged ass. Yup, time to whip them back into shape. First day of their fitness program coincides with my first day of unemployment: Monday. Yup, I’m eating that shit up this time. Btw, Birks arriving tomorrow. CANNOT WAIT.

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