Bony Butt

Bony Butt

I got so much stuff done this weekend… not an ounce of work but plenty of fun activities. Yes, I’m on my way to living the active life. Btw, did you know Yelp has that as a category? So let’s see: Saturday, John had to work– again. I did lots of me time. Got an awesome deep tissue massage. Heather rocked. Ultra strong fingers and she worked out all the knots in my back. I’m telling you, nothing’s better than a good massage. Then I cleaned and did laundry. Yes, the rest of it wasn’t that exciting. But by late afternoon, John had finished his work so we hurried up to Daly City for a horseback ride on the beach. Mar Vista Stables was a bit rough… sure, I picked it because I hate those ultra safe (and boring) trail rides where the horses never go faster than SLOW but geez, this was an experience. First, there were four pages of waivers including a declaration declining head protection (which wasn’t offered). Then, I got on my horse and he kept wandering around aimlessly in the corral. He approached one group of horses, and the ranch hands started yelling at me saying to keep him away or else the other horses would kick us. This brief brush with danger happened twice. Meanwhile, I had received zippo instructions on how to lead/handle the horse. Ditto for John. Then our guide got on his horse and his horse was especially feisty, meaning he looked like he was trying to rear up and throw the rider off. Not good. The wrangler then started whipping his horse with the reins.

Finally, we got going. The ranch was situated on the top of a cliff and on the way down the path, my horse came frightfully close to the edge. I know I’m a paranoid freak, but how could I NOT worry about the smallest misstep? I would have been done for. Anyway, to my surprise, the ride down went ok. Going from the base to the beach, however, was another story: my horse suddenly got down. Wtf? Then, he proceeded to roll on his back. As fast as I could, I got my foot out of the stirrup and stepped back. No way was I gonna have my right leg crushed by some 1000-lb beast! I dunno what was up with my horse. Was I too much of a burden? Needless to say, it was one thing after another. Leave it to me to get an awry horse.

That said, once I got back on and we went along the beach, the experience was beautiful.

Of course, there were other interesting observations… like the blade in my wrangler’s back pocket. Sketchy. And my horse trotted several times, which banged me up pretty badly thanks to my bony ass. Still, that isn’t gonna stop me. I looked up a bunch more horseback riding places. I’m thinking I want to take lessons. Who knows, maybe I’ll even buy a horse! They only cost 1-2 grand. Not bad considering an iPhone is $600.

Sigh. Well, I’m pooped. Boss is back in town and tomorrow is another busy day. Interview tomorrow afternoon. Giving notice July 5 supposedly. I can feel myself chickening out already. I know, I gotta hang tough. Wish me luck!

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