Maker Faire

Maker Faire


I forgot to mention that John dragged me to Maker Faire last Saturday… he thought I would like the event because it’s a bunch of people creating things. I suppose his reasoning makes some sense given my penchant for making random things like medicine cabinets and dog bowl holders out of cardboard. Still, the event was a little bizarro for me. Way too many techies making Rube-Goldberg drink servers and spider robots the size of a room. Sorry, but the stuff was just a little too unconventional for my tastes, not to mention rather ugly. So yeah, didn’t feel like it was quite the right fit for me, but John enjoyed watching the robot rumble in the arena. And we saw a little fountain show involving diet coke and mentos. What else. Oh ate $7 hamburgers and hot dogs. Saw Jimmy Kimmel (John didn’t even know it was him). Lots of crafts too. Handmade stuffed animals, patchwork pillowcases…

After we got home, we had our own little Maker Faire session. You see, my parents are coming to town tomorrow. And somehow I have a feeling they aren’t keen on having our mattress on the floor. I mean, aside from their dust and pollen allergies, my parents are germaphobes, and the thought of being that close to the floor on which Rem and Martin shed, scratch, and frolic probably makes them ill. Needless to say, I understand the desire for a bed lifted off the floor. Our solution? Rubbermaid plastic totes. Yes, the ones we used to ship our shitload of crap from the States to China and back: our trusty shit haulers. John suggested them as a joke, but I actually had him recover them from the garage. What do you know? They are the perfect solution. Just the right height, and they serve the purpose. Voila! Maker Faire in da house!

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