Flushing the System

Flushing the System

On my drive into work last week, NPR did a story on nasal irrigation… The process is this: you shoot a saline mixture up one nostril, and it comes out the other. Repeat for the opposite side. I know, sounds pretty disgusting and senselessly masochistic, and yet, I was sucked in right from the start.

You see, since returning to the States, my sinuses have been driving me up a hairy wall. Last year when I was in California for three weeks, I underwent acupuncture sessions, which helped tremendously, but the effects have since worn off. Now I battle a stuffy nose and major congestion every frickin’ day. So it was time to try something new. Yup, I went out and got the kit. The sensation is not horrible– no burning or anything– still, it’s definitely weird. Afterwards, there’s some residual moisture, and the nose feels really drippy. But eventually, the passages clear out pretty well, like I’ve just ingested a bit of wasabi. I’ve only done this irrigation thing for three days now, so I’m not wholly convinced of its efficacy but I plan on giving it a few more days to see where this leads.

John, meanwhile, refuses to witness any part of this new morning routine. He thinks I should just get the full board of allergy tests through the ENT. Who has time to skin test all these silly allergens?

Other than that, nothing exciting. Just been lying around all day. Just finished watching the Oscars. Didn’t think it would suck me in today, but I suppose I underestimate how easily I get conned. The Departed for best picture? You gotta be joking. Seriously. I was not impressed at all. Lame. And did you catch that glaring error? They said the movie was based on the Japanese film, Infernal Affairs. Because you know, we Asians are all the same, right? Annoying.

What else. Oh, we went to that Muir Woods restoration volunteer event Saturday morning. I think I need to stop all volunteering activities. They always disappoint. First the weather was cold and rainy, which they can’t help, I know. Then the volunteer leader was totally unengaging. I mean, you already have people committed enough to wake their asses up super early on the weekend and brave crap weather… is it that much more to ask that you have some charisma? Finally, our group leader was a stoner, at least John insists she was. She talked ultra slowly, and when we left, she said, “Ok, so you guys are peace out?” I happen to think she was just one of those slow, easy going personalities… John thinks otherwise. Who knows, I have horrible radar for these things.

Well, this day is totally shot. Big meeting at work tomorrow. Calling it quits, because I’m an old fart. Oh, Happy Chinese New Year, my friends. Sorry for the late wishes… hope you stuffed yourself silly. It is the year of the pig, after all.

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