Superbowl Sunday: A Day of Gluttony

Superbowl Sunday: A Day of Gluttony

For the longest time, John and I have been eyeing this big sectional sofa (in chocolate brown though) at Costco. We already have a couch, a sleeper sofa John bought off Craigslist for 100 bucks. It’s crazy heavy and fairly comfortable; the problem is, it’s not wide enough to accommodate both of us when we watch tv. Squeezing the two of us on that thing reminds me of my grad school days when John and I would squish onto a twin mattress. Yeah, totally uncomfortable: he’d get the numb arm, I’d get the twisted neck.

After weeks of deliberation, Superbowl Sunday prompted us (him)into action. This morning, I called on my buddy Hector. He owns and operates Trans-One Moving. We called on him last month in our move from Arsestone. He and his helper did an awesome job. When I spoke to him this morning, he was already pretty booked with other moving jobs, but he fit me in for today… before the big game, no less. You see, that’s the thing about Costco. They have quality goods at affordable prices, but they don’t deliver. And this sectional is in two monster boxes… too much for an ordinary SUV or a van. Hector met us at Costco around 1. We were loungin’ on the new cushy couch by 2. Chips and dip: check. Pulled pork sandwiches: check. Cranberry lemonade: check. Raspberry torte: check. Laptop: check. Aw yeah baby, life is good.


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