Catching Up

Catching Up

Dayum! Friday already! I’m so thankful, because my geriatric boring self needs to recover from the week. Shit man, price quotes and product research at work… it’s driving me nuts and with a gazillion goddamn different gas sensors, I can’t frickin’ decide on a system for the lab. Fucking a.

But the good news is, I met with the CEO. He wants me to go full time and take on two new areas: establish and training certification program and develop product brochures/marketing materials. I mean, given my New Year’s Resolution that work is just work, it’s hard for me to get excited about this kind of thing, but that said, I think it’s a good venue for my development. I’ll get to do plenty of writing and maybe a bit less ass-riding. I mean, I’ll still have to do that field trial coordination but at least I’ll have other stuff to balance it out. Also, I get to sit in on all the engineering meetings so there’s no disconnect between the sales/marketing team (I know, can you believe that’s where I am in the org chart? The stigma is real!) and the engineering team. I love my fellow engineers, and in fact, this group of nerds is the least geeky I’ve encountered. Seriously, they are surprisingly cool. Got their shit together PLUS they are funny and active and just balanced like you wouldn’t believe. I gotta say, it’s very different from the set of engineers I’ve met at John’s work. Those dudes… my god. They talk fluid dynamics and shit at lunch! Bernoulli’s equation and shit. I’m not kidding!

Anyway, I’m meeting with the boss on Monday to state my desired salary given the larger responsibilities. He tries to play like he doesn’t engage in the game, but whatever, he’s a business, MBA type. All MBA types play the game.

In other news, I went to the local climate action group meeting last night. Earlier this month, my letter to the editor actually published. Ha, ha. I have to give some credit to Sierra Club for helpful language. Also, the paper edited a line, and totally changed the meaning of my sentence, so that kind of irked me but whatever. Not like it’s the Washington Post or anything: just a local daily. We also apparently have a blog to which I will contribute, maybe a time or two per week. The group is an interesting mix. I think I’m the youngest one there, so it’s a little serious but the leader of our group rocks. I go to the meetings just to watch how he facilitates group discussions. He’s a joy to watch. Plus he’s ultra organized– I know, traits like that get me every time. I’m just a dork that way.

Oh, for those of you who have me on RSS, I changed the blog template a few days ago. Got sick of the old look, so I jumped on the polka-dot bandwagon. Threw in my Yelp sidebar as well.

Ok well I had big grand plans for tonight, but Bubbey’s not home and I’m beat. I’m thinking of taking myself to a roller skating rink tomorrow before Bubbey flies in. Don’t think he’d be interested. It’s too bad I really have no friends. No I have to just go alone to the rink. Oh well, could be fun still. We’ll see if I cop out.

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