Lots of Space

Lots of Space

Whew! John and I moved last weekend into our new place– a 2 BR townhouse a couple exits down. Now John is only a half mile away from work, and I am right at the exit for the San Mateo bridge. Schweet!

As expected, the move was a total beotch. Thank goodness we opted for professional movers. Yes, yes, we were only in a one bedroom previously, but do not underestimate the American instinct of overconsumption. We had a storage room upstairs and somehow, we still had tons of shit. Again, books mostly but tons of stuff nonetheless. The mover came a week early to survey our stuff. Five to seven hours, he quoted. John scoffed, saying it would only take three hours. Boy was John off. The movers went nonstop for nearly 8 hours! Yup, we disgust ourselves. But the important thing is, everything made the trip, including my desk from hell. Unscathed. Saved myself a $800 desk right there. I’m just thankful John and I admitted our limitations. We are over 30 after all. No need to break bones trying to save some money. Plus there was plenty of work after the pros went home. Unpacking AND cleaning up the old place. No, I never did post my banners and signs warning prospects to stay away, but certainly my online postings will deter the smart ones. I mean, if people rent without checking online first, they’re dumbasses anyway. They can’t be saved. I’ve done what I can.

So tomorrow is inspection. Hopefully, the inspector will be too hurried trying to get out of work at 5 pm Friday to give a shit. We’ll see.

Miraculously, I’m not going in to work tomorrow. Gotta make calls from home in the morning, but hey, I’m just that efficient. Gotta enjoy my freedom before I sign it away going full time.

In other news, my hair is a mess again. I used my spiking glue all of about once. And my highlights are a disaster now because of reddening shampoo is resulting in some brown highlights, some red highlights. Was kinda cool a few days after the deed, but now, coupled with fine, limp, staticky hair, I’m the poster girl for a botched hair job. Somehow the roots seem even more obvious to me too… it’s only been 2.5 weeks… I’m probably just losing my mind. My coworkers have been rather blunt about the uneveness. Hey, there’s order to the chaos, I try to explain. They aren’t convinced. Whatever though. It’s just hair, right?

Oh, I forgot to tell you. Yesterday, I came home to a wonderful surprise. I went to feed the dogs and whatdya know? There were THOUSANDS of ants everywhere… inside the frickin’ dog food bin, all along the dining room floor, up the cabinets and onto my dishes, trailing across the dining room floor to the outlet on the exterior wall. I was so upset, I went out to buy Raid right away. Then, the pups and I endured several hours of toxic fumes. Probably killed off the few remaining brain cells I had. Thinking about it more, I regretted the Raid. I should have opted for a less toxic solution– citrus sprays, baby powder, etc. But I was in panic mode, and the ants had to be eradicated. Shit. Hopefully, that’s the last of them, but I really doubt it.

Well last night I slept on my damn neck wrong so I’m incredibly uncomfortable now. I move like a freaking android. Ugh. Well I’m slowing down. Time for bed. More later.

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