My Day Off

My Day Off

I didn’t go into the office today. I know, that’s a first, right? This week work has been agonizingly slow. I think most people, including our customers, are just getting back into the swing of things. Which is fine, but rather than twiddle my thumbs at the office, I decided to get moving on all my errands. After all, we’re moving next weekend! I got some quotes from moving companies. I’m such a cheap bastard though. You never know, I may just U-Haul it once more. 😛

On the consumer advocacy front, I sent several flaming emails this week to San Leandro Honda, where I got my hybrid. Turns out, their finance manager totally deceived and gypped me with that damn Honda Care extended warranty. Misinformation left and right, I tell you. And then when I pointed it all out to her, she claimed ignorance. Jesus, salespeople have some nerve. Ok, let’s just assume there was no chicanery: how then does a finance manager not know basic stuff about the one product she sells? All I know is, for a President’s Award dealership, there’d better be some major re-prioritizing. Something has to be done to improve employee training. I mean, hello? Your dealership is in California. Your product is an extended warranty. How can you be unaware that in California (and a handful of other green states), the hybrid battery is covered by a 10 year/150k mile extended warranty (compared to the standard 8 year/50k mile warranty)? Exactly. She’s totally bullshitting me. And this enrages me. I totally want to push her on it, but ultimately, I’m passive aggressive. I want out now. So I’m canceling the contract. Gotta give credit to You have to really comb through the forum postings, but damn the peeps there are up to speed. The site is LOADED with info. Dealerships really ought to read the forums and get with the program. You see, I’d actually written SL Honda a nice review on Yelp. Too bad their finance department had to go and fuck it all up.

Ok well John and I are heading downtown this evening to a comedy club. Going to see Kathleen Madigan. I don’t know who she is, but supposedly she’s good. Gotta support female talent you know. Have to run. Have a good weekend!

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